revised Gmane decoder ring

Tom Marble Tom.Marble at Sun.COM
Fri May 25 21:56:37 UTC 2007


Thanks to some amazing efforts by Lars, Torsten and Wolfgang we
now have all the OpenJDK lists in Gmane.

I have hesitated updating the mailing list page so far because
we've had some messages not show up and/or some confusion
as a result of cross postings.  Eventually this will all get
sorted out, I'm sure.

Below please find the new decoder ring, and let us know if
you find weird behavior (extra points if you can determine root cause!)

NOTE: I have had received some complaints about the proliferation
of so many OpenJDK mailing lists (with little traffic).  One RFE
is a "subscribe to all" button (that's a good idea).  I would please
ask your indulgence with the number of lists as I think that as everyone
gets used to them it will make more sense.  Cross-posting, however, may
not work super well :)



New OpenJDK Gmane Decoder Ring

NOTE: those with the OLD keyword were originally set up
with the ".dev" lists;

2d-dev at =
announce at = OLD
audio-engine-dev at =
awt-dev at =
beans-dev at =
build-dev at =
compiler-dev at = OLD
core-libs-dev at =
discuss at = OLD
distro-pkg-dev at = OLD
font-scaler-dev at =
gb-discuss at =
graphics-rasterizer-dev at =
hotspot-compiler-dev at = OLD
hotspot-dev at = OLD
hotspot-gc-dev at = OLD
hotspot-runtime-dev at = OLD
i18n-dev at =
javadoc-dev at =
jmx-dev at =
jsr277-eg-observer at =
jtreg-use at = OLD
nb-projects-dev at =
net-dev at =
quality-discuss at =
security-dev at =
serviceability-dev at =
sound-dev at =
swing-dev at =
web-discuss at =

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