Open JDK vs Sun JDK

Amit Kumar Saha amitksaha at
Wed Oct 3 12:33:16 UTC 2007

Hello all!

I am working on an article which has "Open JDK vs Sun JDK" as its
theme. The agenda for the article is roughly as follows:

1. The motive behind Open JDK

2. Licensing issues related to Open JDK

3. What should people - programmers (hobbyist, professional)  adopt -
Open JDK or Sun JDK? Can we call one "better" than the other? Who is
Open JDK mainly targeted at?

4. Future plans for Open JDK and Sun JDK.

5. Which is the future? - Open JDK or Sun JDK

I am not sure if this is the proper list, in that case, please point
me to the appropriate place. I shall really appreciate some insights
into all or some of the topics mentioned above.


Amit Kumar Saha
*NetBeans Community Docs Coordinator*
me blogs@

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