Publishing code reviews

Andreas Sterbenz Andreas.Sterbenz at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 11 18:20:09 UTC 2007

Mark Reinhold wrote:
> We could build something slick and fancy, like Google's Mondrian [3],
> but I think it's relatively more important to get something up quickly
> and work on improving it later.
> A more expedient solution would be to construct something like the
> OpenSolaris code-review site [4,5], where contributors can use rsync,
> scp, and sftp (all via SSH) to upload webrevs to temporary storage on
> a public server.  SSH keys will ultimately be required in order to push
> changesets into the public Mercurial repositories, so contributors will
> need to create and register SSH keys anyway, and the code-review site
> can easily leverage the same underlying infrastructure.

I think it is important that we get something in place soon (weeks). In 
the Modules project we have been facing the issue of not being able to 
publicly post webrevs for some time.

I consider the solution used by the Solaris team perfectly adequate.
We can always upgrade to a better solution later on.


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