Publishing code reviews

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 24 16:25:41 UTC 2007


Mark Wielaard wrote:

> I believe I am not even the third anymore, but I would strongly support
> the same. Having email as the common backend is really, really
> convenient. mailinglists are archived everywhere, you can easily turn
> them into nntp or rrs feeds (like gmane does) and writing little bots to
> monitor the lists and take appropriate actions is super easy (if you
> aren't dirty of a little perl now and then).
> As an example here are the mailinglists in use for GNU Classpath, but I
> believe most larger free software projects have something similar:
> classpath at general discussion, announcements, developer talk,
> ideas, etc. but not formal patch proposals. Formal patch proposals go
> to...
> classpath-patches at posting of proposed patches (in diff -u
> format) for review. All replies and suggestions for improvements and
> final approval of the patches also go to this list. Some projects (like
> gcc) also have a bot that you can inform of the formal patch proposal so
> it can monitor whether there was any reply. In classpath we require
> developers to ping their patches themselves if there is no reply in a
> reasonable time.

Emailing diffs out to a list is fine, so long as this isn't
the actual review format for the identified reviewers who will
want a webrev. By "identified reviewers", perhaps thing that wasn't
clear about our processes is that the change author identifies
the reviewers who are most appropriate and they are on the hook to
respond. We don't send patches to a list and hope for a response.
In fact no one I know of here would want to receive emails of all
the patches, so likely wouldn't subscribe to such a list.

What does "ping their patches" mean?

> classpath-bugs at All new or modified bugzilla entries get posted
> here (which includes the commit-bot updates when a commit message
> contains a bug number). Replying to these emails also updates the
> bugzilla entries, so it is an easy way to interact with the bug
> reporters and to monitor when a particular issue is often reported or
> commented on.

I'd really like to see updates to bugs emailed out .. hopefully soon,


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