Publishing code reviews

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Mon Oct 29 21:45:33 UTC 2007

Mark Wielaard wrote:
>>  By "identified reviewers", perhaps thing that wasn't
>> clear about our processes is that the change author identifies
>> the reviewers who are most appropriate and they are on the hook to
>> respond. We don't send patches to a list and hope for a response.
> How does that work with volunteers? You cannot force people to review if
> they don't actually have time immediately for your particular patch can
> you?

And this is why I wanted to highlight it. I don't know how its going to 
When you have busy people sometimes you need to be direct that they are 
the ones
you need to review this, and if you have no idea if they are on a three 
week vacation
in the Australian outback that's a problem if you need to putback before 
the next build.
So perhaps an amalgam where you need at least two reviewers and whilst 
one must be Fred,
where Fred is someone you know is both available and qualified.
Perhaps for some stuff literally anyone who can read java code would do ..

>> In fact no one I know of here would want to receive emails of all
>> the patches, so likely wouldn't subscribe to such a list.
> Interesting. How do people keep a general idea about progress in the
> whole project then? I admit to not always read all patches on all the
> patches mailinglists I am subscribed to. But I do read most of them at
> least casually to get a feeling for what parts of the project are
> working on. I am not pretending I actually understand them all of
> course, but it is a nice way to keep your knowledge up to date.

We see bug update emails, putback emails (with links to the webrevs if 
you are interested)
In short, a summary and you can go read the details if you want.

>> I'd really like to see updates to bugs emailed out .. hopefully soon,
> That is good to hear! Looking forward to that.

Still hoping, but its an uphill struggle .. always one more obstacle ..


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