How does IcedTea plugging work?

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Il giorno mer, 31/10/2007 alle 22.46 +0530, Amit Kumar Saha ha scritto:
> On 10/31/07, Andrew Haley <aph at> wrote:
>         Amit Kumar Saha writes:
>         > It would really be nice, if someone could provide me with a
>         brief idea about
>         > how IcedTea has been developed.
>         >
>         > Specifically, I would like to know- if i have my own Open
>         JDK build and i 
>         > want to plugin the GNU classpath packages - how would I do
>         that?
>         Which GNU classpath packages?
> None in particular. I was wondering if there is a general way of doing
> it or is it package specific? Its fine if you can just illustrate via
> a single example. 
> Thanks,
> Amit

It depends on your needs.

What we usually do is to prepare a patchset against the current OpenJDK
tree, store the patchset into the patch directory of IcedTea, and then
enable it into the Makefile.

The hard part is to make the patchset itself, especially if you want to
add native stuff because OpenJDK uses a different way to build, and it's
not always obvious how to do it, so what you need to know depends on
what you want to do.

For example, I just finished porting the GConf preference backend we
have in Classpath into IcedTea. I wanted to keep the ability to
enable/disable it at compile time.

I had a couple of choices to do this, one was to hack around the
different build scripts, adding the sources I needed, the configure time
libraries (and I gave up on this), create the patch, and enable/disable
it in the IcedTea Makefile.

The other (what I did actually) was to just put the backend sources into
a directory of its own, use the usual configure/make magics, then copy
the shared object into the appropriate places.

So, it really depends on your task.

Hope that helps,
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