IRC logging of #openjdk

Brian Matzon brian at
Thu Jul 31 18:31:24 UTC 2008

Mark Reinhold wrote:
> I tend to agree with what Andrew, Mark, Mario, and Andrew have said.
> Logging an IRC channel turns it into a more formal, less spontaneous
> forum, and #openjdk has so far been pleasantly informal.
I must admit that I am a fair bit flabbergasted by the response so far. 
It is the first time I have met such a "resistance" against this service.
 From the collective 45+ years of logs I have from different channels, 
there has never been any change of behavior because logging has been 

However, it is not my choice on how to proceed - so I will of course 
respect the opinions that have been voiced so far.

Unless a gash of positive replies are inbound, I will assume that the 
service is unwelcome and I will part the bot, and continue to refrain 
from publishing the logs.


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