FYI: Mercurial gates are open for JDK 7

Mark Reinhold mr at
Sat Mar 1 07:46:24 UTC 2008

Changesets can now be pushed into the JDK 7 Mercurial repositories [1].

At the moment the only developers with push rights are Sun employees,
but that will change over time.

Many of us working on JDK 7 have built up a considerable backlog over
the last few months, so expect to see a significant number of changesets
over the next few weeks.

The draft Developers' Guide describes the forest layout and naming
scheme, and how to install and configure Mercurial [2].

Note to those outside of Sun: You may see references to "jcheck", a
Mercurial extension that validates changeset comments and contents and
is run in all the repository gates.  This extension will be open-sourced
just as soon as it completes Sun's internal legal-review process.

- Mark


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