Where's jtreg?

Jonathan Gibbons Jonathan.Gibbons at Sun.COM
Sat Mar 15 01:30:26 UTC 2008

Where's jtreg?

People have been looking for the source code for the regression test 
harness, jtreg, recently, in the light of some recent comments about its 
availability. In fact, we are still awaiting the necessary approvals to 
release the source code, so you cannot find it outside of Sun, yet. But, 
we know you are waiting for it and we are still working to make it happen.

Separately, there is still some minor engineering work to be done. The 
source code is currently an extension of Sun's test harness, JavaTest. 
That has been already released as open source under the name jtharness, 
and you can find the source for that at https://jtharness.dev.java.net/. 
What remains for jtreg is to make sure that it compiles, builds, and 
behaves correctly against the latest stable version of jtharness.

Where will it be available? Probably the simplest way to publish the 
jtreg source is as a source bundle, in the same way we published the 
source bundle for the compiler in the early days of OpenJDK. If there is 
sufficient interest, it has been suggested that we could also start an 
OpenJDK project for jtreg.

When will it be available? Well, as soon as we can get the approvals. 
Watch this space; we'll make an announcement here when it is available.

-- Jonathan Gibbons

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