Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Tue Mar 25 10:40:12 UTC 2008

Paweł Wieczorek wrote:

> I am studying now a Object Oriented Programming and at end of
> semester I will need to choose C# or Java and write some not-small
> project. In connection to this I am collecting some information about
> runtime of this languages.
> I am using a Free/NetBSD as my primary development platform. It is
> possible to download some Java x86 packages for those platforms.
> But when I want to compile my own JDK it is a bit harder, to build JDK
> it is needed to have older version of JDK - why ?

It's written in Java.  gcc needs a C compiler to build it.  I'm surprised
at how often this question arises.

> Mono doesn't need
> any .NET installed on system to build.
> Is it possible to change this strategy in future to do build-process
> more friendly for not Solaris/Windows/Linux ?.

> In packages for BSD platforms I can see that it is a Sun JDK with
> some patches. Do you have plans to port original JDK (in OpenJDK
> project) to other platform than Solaris/Windows/Linux ? If you will
> have that project in some near future I will be interested to help.

See http://landonf.bikemonkey.org/static/soylatte/

"SoyLatte is a functional, X11-based port of the FreeBSD Java 1.6 patchset
to Mac OS X Intel machines."


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