Request for comments: OpenJDK Trademark Notice

Dalibor Topic dalibor.topic at
Thu Mar 27 19:05:39 UTC 2008

Mark Reinhold schrieb:
> Now "OpenJDK" is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, so we had to come up
> with a way to grant permission for these types of uses.  Working with
> Sun's trademark counsel we drafted the OpenJDK Trademark Notice and
> published the first version in the b06 source bundle, in the TRADEMARK
> file at the root of the tree.  Based on early feedback from Andrew Haley,
> Dalibor Topic, Mark Wielaard, and others, we revised it slightly and
> published v1.1 [4] in b07, which shipped yesterday [5].
Hi Mark,

I'm happy to see that the feedback I've seen for v1.1 has been 
incorporated into v 1.2. I believe
this version should work fine for the distribution/ports/packages use 
cases I can come up with atm.

For all the cases I can't come up with, it's good to see that there is 
an upgrade path built into the

dalibor topic

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