setTrafficClass on server socket; IP_TOS replacement on Windows

Esmond Pitt FACS esmond.pitt at
Thu May 14 23:47:31 UTC 2009


1. I've just come across a situation where a user needs to call
setTrafficClass on a server socket, so that a certain TOS value will be
present in the ACK packet when TCP accepts a connection. This would occur
automatically because all socket flags are inherited during construction of
the native socket on the backlog queue, then Java turns off the timeout
setting when it constructs a Socket around it during accept() (which is
another historical curiousity AFAICS).

I can't find my link to the NIO2 documentation but is there way to do that
in NIO2? Generally speaking it should be possible to (pre)-set every socket
option on a server socket.

The user situation itself is more or less nonsense, a brain-dead router
configuration that rejects ACKs without a certain non-zero TOS setting, so
writing real applications behind it is more or less impossible, especially
since our friends in Seattle don't support IP_TOS anyway, but regardless of
that the principle still applies.

2. While on that topic, is there support for whatever Microsoft's
replacement API for IP_TOS in NIO2?


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