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Brian de Alwis brian.de.alwis at usask.ca
Fri May 29 00:10:37 UTC 2009

Hello everybody.  I'm part of a team conducting a survey to understand
the perceived benefits and challenges of using a decentralized or
distributed version control systems (DVCS) in software development.

With OpenJDK having recently chosen to switch to Mercurial, I hoped
that any developers who've used a DVCS (and who are over 18 years
old) might like to participate in our survey and share your
experiences.  Details on partcipating are below.  Thanks for your


An increasing number of software projects have or are considering
switching their code repositories to a decentralized or distributed
VCS (DVCS).  There are many such DVCS tools, including git, bzr,
mercurial, monotone, or bitkeeper.  We are conducting a survey to
assess the perceived benefits and challenges of using a DVCS.  We
would ask that any individuals who use or are comfortable using a
DVCS for managing the artifacts for a project to please consider
completing the survey.  The survey has several open-ended questions,
and may take up to 20 minutes to complete.

The data collected from this study will be used in articles for
publication in journals and conference proceedings.  The results
of this study will provide additional knowledge and guidance for
projects considering moving to using a DVCS.

This is an anonymous survey.  Any personal information divulged
in answering a question will be kept strictly confidential.

The survey is at:


Please feel free to redistribute this to other interested groups.

If you would like more detail about the survey, or information not
included here, please contact us.

  Brian de Alwis
  Department of Computer Science
  University of Saskatchewan
  brian.de.alwis at usask.ca

This research has the ethical approval of the Research Ethics Office
at the University of Saskatchewan.  If you have any concerns about your
treatment or rights as a research subject, please contact the office
at 306-966-2084.


Brian de Alwis | HCI Lab | University of Saskatchewan

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