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Mario Torre neugens at
Wed Dec 1 11:45:48 UTC 2010

Il giorno mer, 01/12/2010 alle 11.10 +0100, Dalibor Topic ha scritto:
> On 12/1/10 1:50 AM, Weijun Wang wrote:
> > In fact, why start this mac-port at all? 
> To quote from my mail to announce: "[...] to provide a place for the work on the port of JDK 7 to the Mac OS X platform.
> In particular, this Project will serve as the initial location for the announced [1] contributions from Apple to OpenJDK on 
> their way to JDK 7."
> If you look at the planned contributions discussed in the referred announcement, they cover 
> several different areas of the JDK. As such, it's quite natural to go through the path of a
> separate Project, as we have done for other features and ports, as it decouples
> ongoing work on the code from 'social engineering' around integration of contributions 
> into JDK 7 & its processes.
> >From my experience with getting Zero & Shark upstreamed, I think it takes a bit of 
> time and effort to become familiar with the different parts of OpenJDK to get up and 
> rolling smoothly - it's a given, if you look at the scope & size of the JDK. In 
> case of Zero and Shark, the surface area for that was HotSpot. In case of planned 
> contributions to the Mac OS X port, the surface area is a bit larger then that,
> so having a separate Project for this port is even more useful then it was in case 
> of Zero & Shark, in my opinion.
> cheers,
> dalibor topic

I second that.

Beside, the graphics part will hopefully have a separate, non X11
pipeline, but a native one (and I really hope you guys will use
Caciocavallo as a base for that :).

This alone is worth a complete separate project space in my opinion.

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