OpenJDK for Chrome OS?

Frans Thamura frans at
Sun Dec 5 10:45:44 UTC 2010

Oracle , ibm and microsofe are same for me.

But how strong openjdk ?

Microsoft is the most dangerous one.

But they use america politician like embassy to push our market. Any one can stop?


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On Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 7:30 AM, Frans Thamura <frans at> wrote:
> as JUG leader for Indonesia
> i am invited by Microsoft to invest more in Azure. and they use a binary
> inside the fabric

I was talking about the project formerly known as "Azureus", the P2P
client, not Azure.

Btw: Are you aware of what Microsoft did with Java, back in the 1.x
days?. Does "embrace and extend" mean anything to you?. As such, I´d
take any involvement by Microsoft in any Java related project with a
high degree of suspicion. Microsoft has been trying to "derail" Java
for over a decade. Microsoft´s .Net and mono are two examples.

> that will be awesome if we can bring Microsoft to invest Java in his azure
> and benefit OpenJDK..

Rest aZsured ;-) that Microsoft won´t do anything that helpsJava,
quite the contrary....

> that will be awesome if we have Java also in ChromeOS, or any OS, but Google
> have Android also, that become our first collaboration between rather legal
> court

The current legal fight between Oracle and Google is about Davlik,
Google´s VM and its use of Java. That has nothing to do with the
availability -or lack thereof- of a standards-compliant Java VM for
Google´s Chrome OS. In fact, I think the current scenario is a REASON
to bring OpenJDK to Chrome OS.

A Chrome OS without Java -if succesful- decreaces the chance of
success for Java as a software platform.

Just my $0.02

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