Hello and where are the demos?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Fri Dec 10 10:32:12 UTC 2010

Steve Poole wrote:
> Thanks Dalibor,  Mario.
> I'm not specifically interested in improving SwingSet2 above all else  -
> its just that I had a couple of easy fixes to hand.  Given that the
> SwingSet2 code is not in the repos I'll look at another couple of bugs  I
> wanted to see fixed.    One is a trivial bug in  the jvmti HeapTracker demo
> (sunbug 6927816)  that only shows up when using the J9 JVM. The other
> (sunbug 7002627)  is in AWT code.
> I think  I  turn up on the awt-dev mailing list to discuss 7002627  and
> the serviceability-dev mailing list for  HeapTracker and 6927816.   Is that
> correct?
Yes, they are the right lists. In the case of 6927816, then I assume 
it's a 2-line fix so you should be able to inline the patch in your mail 
to serviceability-dev, get it reviewed, and discuss there where to push 
the changes.


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