Licensing questions

Roman Kennke roman at
Thu Jan 21 13:13:18 UTC 2010

> >> Mr Levy may discover that his paths lead to Sun's software sales group
> > 
> > This is a myth.
> It's far from a myth.  Sun has been open about the fact that they won't give the ASF a TCK license for Java SE in order to protect licensing revenue.
> > I never had any problem so far, neither I will have as
> > soon as the fairness of the license is respected (which is, of course,
> > from both sides).
> I'm not suggesting the GPLv2 is a bad license, nor would I suggest that anyone not respect the terms.  
> Sun is using it as a tool to ensure that anyone that needs to make changes or link the non-exception parts to custom code either has to GPL their code, or go to sun for a commercial license.  (Why else do you think they need to get joint copyright on any contribution to the project??)  Use of the GPL's reciprocity conditions is perfectly legitimate and used by many fine organizations before them (MySQL AB....).
> That said, have you embedded openJDK into a commercial product?

TCK licensing and OpenJDK licensing are two different things, and I
believe Avner was asking about OpenJDK, since this is an OpenJDK list.
And with respect to OpenJDK, the original answer from Andrew was correct
I think. No need to spread FUD.

Cheers, Roman

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