Free Java @ FOSDEM 2011 DevRoom Proposal

Mark Wielaard mark at
Mon Oct 11 12:08:22 UTC 2010

Hi Libre Java Hackers,

We are trying to organize a meeting for all free java hackers at Fosdem
in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 February 2011)

We have applied for a developer room, but we don't know yet if there
will be enough free space this year (Fosdem is getting very popular).

"Every request will receive an email around 2010-10-23 with an approval
 or reject of your Developer Room proposal. Details on further
 proceedings will then be communicated swiftly."

So we will know for sure in two weeks. For those that want to start
thinking about attending, or even submitting a talk proposal, here are
the details of the devroom proposal.

The organisation committee can also be reached at
fosdem at

devroom name: Free Java developer room

The Libre Java community goes well beyond a single project. In this
devroom, we intend to provide a forum for many related core java
projects to exchange ideas and plan for the future of implementations of
Free Java on GNU/Linux and other free operating systems. This coming
year, with JDK 7 due to make an appearance, our goal is to provide a
venue for the developers and users of the Free Java projects (listed
below) to collaborate and discuss on a range of topics from virtual
machines through to deployment on FOSS operating systems.

While our main focus is traditionally on the JDK, we are excited about
hearing from new and exciting Free Java projects from across the
spectrum. In particular we would love to see submissions about porting
Java to small spaces or different architectures (e.g. ARM, MIPS, etc)
and how to implement alternate languages on the JVM (e.g. Clojure,
JRuby, Scala, etc.).

The "Libre Java" developer room will be a collaboration between:
  - OpenJDK
  - IcedTea
  - GNU Classpath
  - GCJ
And other projects around Free Java.

preferred day: Saturday from 12:00 to 18:00

Over the past several years, we have used FOSDEM as a unifying
conference to bring the various communities around Free Java closer
together, and it has become a central point in our calendar for us to
meet, share ideas and plan for the future. We are very grateful for the
opportunity that FOSDEM gives us to unite our respective projects and
work towards a Free Java for everyone. Over the years, our developer
room has proved very popular, among both developers and interested users
alike, across both days of the conference and if possible, we would like
to come together again at FOSDEM and have a gathering in a developer

- Andrew Haley <aph at>
  GCJ Maintainer, GNU Classpath, IcedTea & OpenJDK Developer.
- Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at> / <ahughes at>
  IcedTea Maintainer, GNU Classpath Maintainer, OpenJDK & GCJ Developer
- Christian Thalinger <Christian.Thalinger at>
  OpenJDK developer, former CACAO Maintainer
- Mark Wielaard <mark at>
  GNU Classpath Maintainer, GCJ, IcedTea & OpenJDK contributor.
- Tom Marble <tmarble at>
  Java Libre hacker, Former OpenJDK Ambassador

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