OpenJDK Governing Board Minutes: 20011/4/21

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>> > Given we are discussing  governance I suggest we drop discuss@ instead. My
>>comments only appear there,  for example.
>> >
>> > S.
>> No please, this is an important topic,  valid for discuss, not just
>> specific to gb (besides, I don't want to  subscribe to the new mailing
>> list in the middle of a thread  :).
> I think a whole new list for a governance board is silly anyways. Too  many
> mailing list are just an annoyance. The governance board of  NetBeans uses the
> nbdiscuss list which is the NetBeans Discuss list and  that works out well. No
> separate list needed. Then everything discussing  the project is done in one
> simple place.
> Nothing the governance board is going to discuss is not going to be about
> discussing the project. Thus, I don't understand the need for such a list.
> Again, just annoying.
> Wade
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I completely agree.  There are way too many lists and the only benefit
of this list is it allows Oracle to hide material they don't want
everyone to see.
Andrew :-)

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