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On 9 May 2011 19:22, Mario Torre <neugens.limasoftware at gmail.com> wrote:


> I support this, although I think the terms of the OCA [1] should be made
> nicer to attract contributions. We have joint Copyright assignment on
> GNU Classpath too, and this one was never a problem, if a better and
> clear wording is used, especially resolving the unbalanced symmetry on
> the deal, I'm sure we will have no more issues to accept it as well.

Comparing the OCA with the FSF copyright assignment is a bit like
comparing apples with oranges.  Sure, they are both fruit, but that's
about where the similarity ends.  The FSF assignment is fully
reciprocal and assigns rights to a charity in order to aid in any
potential legal defense of the code.  The OCA gives rights to Oracle,
a corporation who, by definition, need to make money. It's needed by
them in order to produce proprietary binaries and retain control, but
it doesn't provide any benefits to the original author.

> Cheers,
> Mario
> [1] which in Italian means duck :)
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