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Dr Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org
Tue May 31 22:34:35 UTC 2011

On 31 May 2011 06:32, David Herron <david at davidherron.com> wrote:
> An observation ...
> This thread is about the OpenJDK bug system - not the Java SE bug system (
> bugs.sun.com)
> The Java SE bug system has to do with the binary product shipped by Oracle.
>  The OpenJDK bug system has to do with the sources maintained by the OpenJDK
> project.  These are two separate things.  The Java SE product has the
> zillions of users and is the one which draws all these bug reports discussed
> in recent emails.
> Hm..
> The people at Oracle clearly will have an issue distinguishing Java SE and
> OpenJDK bugs ... Ideally the Oracle team will have a single bug system to
> work with that handles both Java SE and OpenJDK bugs
> Bugs should arrive to OpenJDK's pile via these channels:-
>   - The "good bugs" arriving via bugs.sun.com
>   - The bugs found by Oracle's Java SE SQE team (my former colleagues)
>   - bug submission by the OpenJDK community
>   - bugs sent upstream (to OpenJDK) from downstream distros (Ubuntu,
>   Fedora,  ..etc..)
>   - Ditto with projects like IcedTea - though, how does one distinguish
>   IcedTea from "downstream distros" or is it the same thing



pretty much.  I don't know of any distro that packages OpenJDK as is.
For one thing, the inclusion of things like system libraries in-tree
and some questionable licensing on some files prevents it getting
through the guidelines of most.

> The one thing of the Oracle team being able to treat bugs as both Java SE
> **AND** OpenJDK bugs ... well, that sounds tough to implement.  The bug
> system we had at Sun wouldn't have been capable of this.
> The other part here, accepting bugs from downstream projects, might not be
> terribly hard.  I'm sure it's already being done by hand where liaison
> people enter bugs from their distro bug system into OpenJDK's.

I don't follow this.  OpenJDK doesn't have one yet...

> But I recall
> having talked with several people about any kind of automated upstreaming or
> even a method of concrete linkage between bugs in a distro's bug system and
> OpenJDK's.  At that time there was talk among some of a protocol for
> exchanging bug data between bug systems.  But that nothing had been
> implemented.
> FWIW I poked at this problem a bit while still in the team at Sun and the
> above was dredged from my memory of the model I'd been developing in my
> mind.
> + David Herron
> http://davidherron.com/

Andrew :-)

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