Project Proposal: PowerPC/AIX port

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Tue May 8 04:05:05 UTC 2012

2012/5/7 8:03 -0700, volker.simonis at
> ...
> The goal of the project will be to provide full-featured and certifiable
> version of the OpenJDK on the two platforms which can be ultimately integrated
> into the main OpenJDK development branch.
> ...

Volker -- I'm really happy to see this moving forward.  These ports will
be valuable additions to JDK 7 and 8, and I'm confident that SAP and IBM
can bring the necessary expertise to the effort.  I know it's taken a lot
of work behind the scenes to get to this point, so my thanks to you and
everyone else who helped put this proposal together.

- Mark

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