Documenting the interfaces to the VM

Neil Richards neil.richards at
Thu May 10 11:08:54 UTC 2012

Hi all,
As previously trailed [1], I'm looking to work on improving the
(sometimes scarce) documentation of the interfaces to the VM.

In doing this, I hope to produce a clear definition that any alternative
(or subsequent) VM implementation can follow. 

Also, it will hopefully expose any "rough edges" - places where the user
or application developer is unnecessarily exposed to VM implementation
details - and suitable resolutions considered.

I'm looking to do this work primarily in the CVMI project, and on the
'cvmi-dev' mailing list. As the documentation gets fleshed out, I expect
that other potentially-interested parties (Hotspot, Zero, porting
projects, Jigsaw?) will consider consuming the resulting changes.

In particular, I expect there will be a healthy interchange between this
work and that of the newly-proposed PPC/AIX porting project [2], given
their stated interest in this area.

Obviously, any assistance (particularly in review, to make sure I'm not
writing complete fiction!) will be warmly welcomed :)

For native interfaces, I'm proposing the use of 'doxygen' [3] as a means
to produce the formatted documentation. This allows the documentation
source to be held in a Javadoc-like style alongside the code in the
header files themselves - a familiar and, I hope, fairly uncontroversial

Please let me know any suggestions or questions you have about this.

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