RFR: Clarification of Project voting instructions

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Wed May 16 20:32:42 UTC 2012

Hi Iris,

As per my email on the other thread you also need to change:

"Votes must be cast in the open, on the mailing list to which the 
call-for-votes was originally sent;"


On 17/05/2012 5:45 AM, Iris Clark wrote:
> Hi Volker and David.
> I've made changes to the Project overview page (http://openjdk.java.net/projects/#new-project-vote) to address the problems with the voting instructions that you noted.
> Please provide comments on the diffs I've appended to this message.
> Thanks,
> iris
> diff -r 15c36b11b060 src/projects/index.html
> --- a/src/projects/index.html	Wed May 16 08:24:23 2012 -0700
> +++ b/src/projects/index.html	Wed May 16 11:11:56 2012 -0700
> @@ -488,8 +488,11 @@
>   common case.</p></dd>
>   <dt><a name="new-project-vote"></a><i>Step 2: Vote</i></dt>
> -<dd>  <p>  Eligible voters cast their vote by replying to the proposal with the
> -  first line of the message body in the following form:</p>
> +<dd>  <p>  Eligible voters cast their vote by sending e-mail to
> +  the<a href="mailto:discuss.at.openjdk.dot.java.dot.net">general discussion
> +  list</a>.  Replying to the proposal will achieve this automatically for those
> +  people whose mail programs honor the<code>Reply-To</code>  header.  The first
> +  line of the message body should be in the following form:</p>
>   <pre><code>Vote:<b><vote></b></code></pre>
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> From: mark.reinhold at oracle.com [mailto:mark.reinhold at oracle.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 8:06 AM
> To: volker.simonis at sap.com; iris.clark at oracle.com
> Cc: david.holmes at oracle.com; discuss at openjdk.java.net
> Subject: Re: CFV: New Project: PowerPC/AIX Port
> 2012/5/16 1:42 -0700, volker.simonis at sap.com:
>> I hope you are not right. I've sent the CFV to the announce list as
>> requested in [1].  However the announce list is a moderated list and I
>> could not influence the fact that the mail which was finally posted to
>> the subscribers of the list had the "reply-to" field set to the
>> discuss list.
> The announce list is intentionally configured that way.  It always sets the Reply-To header to point to the discuss list.
>> This was confusing for me as well, but after looking at the previous
>> CFVs (i.e. "Code Tools", "Graal", "Penrose") I realized that they were
>> all run in this way. Moreover [2] ultimately suggests that the votes
>> should be sent to the discuss list, ...
> Iris -- Could you please clarify the voting instructions to say explicitly that votes should go to the discuss list, and that the announce list is configured to make this happen automatically (well, at least for people whose mail programs honor the Reply-To header).
>> So I think for now, until nobody else corrects me, it is unnecessary
>> for anybody to re-send their votes.
> That's right.
> - Mark

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