cacerts bundled with OpenJDK

Donald Smith donald.smith at
Thu May 31 21:41:20 UTC 2012

Disclaimer that I haven't read the thread to which you're referring.

I think a key difference between Mozilla and OpenJDK is that Mozilla 
distributes packaged products to end users whereas OpenJDK is a 
collaboration of platform providers at the source code level.  Whereas 
cacerts are fundamentally a packaged product thing, and not entirely 
necessary, and fundamentally tied to whoever is distributing the binary, 
I don't think it would or should apply.  Whereas Mozilla is shipping 
product almost exclusively to end users in the form of Firefox, 
Thunderbird, etc, then I can understand why they would maintain certs 
with the products.

  - Don

On 31/05/2012 5:13 PM, Henri Gomez wrote:
> There was a thread on jdk7u-dev about cacerts bundled by OpenJDK.
> First, I'm not a lawyer (sorry guys) but after some investigations, I
> could see Java cacerts are often produced by packagers from cacerts
> bundled by Linux distribution.
> These distributions (GPL) cacerts seems to came from Mozilla (MPL).
> OpenJDK license is GPL also so I wonder why OpenJDK can't provide them either ?
> Cheers

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