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David Holmes david.holmes at
Thu Aug 8 01:20:25 UTC 2013

Hi Konstantin,

Welcome to OpenJDK!

On 8/08/2013 8:02 AM, Константин Периков wrote:
> Hey,
> I just sign OCA about few weeks ago and finally its processed successfully.
> Today I visit meeting in Saint Petersburg, where we talk about
> OpenJDK, how to contribute and all related stuff.
> So, I come home, find a small bug in awt (javadoc) and decide to fix it.
> But suddenly I realize, that I don't understand what OpenJDK community name
> I have. Could you help me with that? Or point to proper manual about that?

The general information is all on the OpenJDK website.

Presumably you've already seen the "How to Contribute" page:

It is also useful to read the FAQ:

and also the Bylaws as these define the different roles that exist:

which is further expanded in the Projects document:

where you will find that you have to become an Author before you get an 
OpenJDK username.


> Thanks, Konstantin.

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