[newbie] Classes in OpenJDK

Aki Kyo aki.2kyo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 20:09:19 UTC 2013

Sorry Ivan, just I wanted ask general question. I loaded OpenJDK 1.6
on CentOS 6.

Is there way to inspect classes on system? Even not runtime CLASSPATH
but just with system locate command?

I look for javax.mail.jar and try understand how to install it. But
wonder might not help because application compiled OK.  But not sure.

Sincere apprecation your help.

On 10/2/13, Ivan Krylov <ivan at azulsystems.com> wrote:
> I guess you are looking for JavaMail. And you never mention what version of
> jdk and what platform you want to use.
> Javamail is not part of JavaSE but you can download javax.mail.jar and use
> it with your JavaSE app.
> Could it be that "another organization" was using JavaEE?
> Heer is a link for the JavaMail project where you can download the jar
> https://java.net/projects/javamail/pages/Home
> hth,
> Ivan
> On Oct 2, 2013, at 7:26 AM, Aki Kyo <aki.2kyo at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Please be gentle, I have newbie question:
>> I'm building a application made by another organization. The
>> installation instructions said to get the Sun JDK - now Oracle?, but
>> still different than OpenJDK, right? I wanted build it with OpenJDK if
>> possible. Compilation success but at run time I get a
>> NoClassDefFoundError - I guess it might due to difference in libraries
>> that the application author expects to be available in the JDK. (??)
>> The class here is com/sun/mail/dsn/Report
>> But just general question - is there way I can see list of classes in
>> OpenJDK? Compare to Sun JDK?
>> Thank you sincere

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