JDK-8025128 and How to comment/proceed on issue I have reported ?

Max Rydahl Andersen manderse at redhat.com
Fri Oct 4 13:46:23 UTC 2013

>>I can understand the complexity of mixing two systems, but
>>at least if the jira would actually have a comment or part of the 
>>or a field listing the orignal ID that is sent out in those 
>>bugs.sun.com mails would help alot.
>you'll see from the history field that your original bug report came 
>into the Java Incidents project : (JI-9006934) Shortly after that, it 
>got moved to the JDK project. You bug ID reference was the original 
>ID. When the issue is triaged and moved, it gets mapped to a new ID 

>As a tip for those without a bugs.openjdk login, you can search for 
>your original ID and see if it's been mapped to a new bug via the 
>search function. Search for "JI-9006934". JIRA will map a JI report to 
>the new JDK bug if it's been transferred across to the JDK project.

That's cool but Bug Id: 9006934  is what is mentioned in the mail and
searching on that gives zero results.

Good to know that if I add "JI-" in front it will work though.

>>>>A) Where do I comment/get info on if JDK-8025128 will be 
>>>>backported to an update for Java 7 so createTempFile doesn't 
>>>>break existing applications that works fine with any previous 
>>>>JDK 5, 6 and 7 releases.
>>>As Rémi said, fixes go into the main-line first.  The Backports 
>>>section will list the back-port issues created for the issue.
>>Yeah, I see those just showed up.
>>Didn't get notified or anything since not possible to participate on 
>>the jira as non-committer :)
>The process of how webbug submissions work is bound to be source of 
>confusion for many. It would be good if we can get it documented for 
>all. Anyone with login access [1] will probably log bugs directly in 
>the JDK project now.

Maybe I read that page wrong but afaics I don't have any way to open or login
to this jira without being "role of Author" which involves granted right
to create changesets intended to be pushed into a projects code repo.

That is not something I actually wish to be at this stage - I just want to
help report and verify bugs I or others found that affect me.

>From my point of view anyone with a java.net account should be able to login to the jira

A) Watch any issue they find

B) Be able to report bugs in the JI project (that seems to be what the other web report system do?)

C) Comment on bugs they have reported 

Then no need to document complex workflows since it would "just work".

And since that kind of user is not able to report bugs elsewhere you shouldn't be seeing any increase
in bogus reports/comments - you might see an increase in bugs reported since it now is easier (But thats
a good thing :)

Just my 2c.


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