Free Java DevRoom FOSDEM 2014 Call For Participation now open!

Mario Torre neugens.limasoftware at
Wed Oct 16 18:57:03 UTC 2013

We are pleased to announce the Call for Participation in the FOSDEM
2014 Free Java DevRoom!

This marks the 11th year that the Free Java DevRoom has been a part of FOSDEM.

This year FOSDEM Free Java DevRoom will be Saturday the 1st of
February 2014 in Brussels, Belgium, with usual additional events
and meetings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; please, refer to the
FOSDEM website for the schedule of the whole event:

The Free Java DevRoom has become unique in that it has attracted
hackers from very different Free Software Java projects, giving the
opportunity to bring together companies of various sizes, different
project communities, mainstream core Java developers, alternative Java
language implementations and runtimes, and everything that form the
Free Java Universe, everybody participating to share their knowledge
in an atmosphere of cooperation and friendly competition.

So much attention is given to porting various languages on the Java
Virtual Machine and porting the JVM on new platform (arm64?) and
context (cloud?), so join us to discuss this year's theme: "JVM
melting pot".

As always, check out our wiki for more details on the conference:

And join the Free Java DevoRoom mailing list [java-devroom at][1]:

Please submit one (or more) 25 minute talk proposal(s) by the 1st of
December 2013, 23.59 CET on the mailing list [2].

A template for submitting a talk can be found at:

Tracks will be announced around 6th of December on the mailing list.

Please join us!

--The Free Java DevRoom Organizing Committee

[1] NOTE: The mailing list address changed from the last years, so
please update your bookmarks.
[2] Also the deadline has been shifted before the usual deadline of
every year, please update your calendars too :)

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