Greetings everyone (new here)

Bryan C. Everly bryan at
Fri May 8 19:10:58 UTC 2015

Hi all.  I wanted to just say  hello to the group.  I've joined the
development effort to assist where I can on the OpenJDK 8 effort for
OpenBSD.  We currently only have jdk 1.7 on that platform and I'd really
like to see what I can do to assist in getting there.

In the 90's I worked at a startup called Software Artistry on a
cross-platform GUI/SQL 4GL based loosely on Pascal.  The entire thing was
written in C/C++ so I'm hoping that my experience there will help with this

I'm also working on FreeRDP for the OpenBSD platform - you should check out
that project.  Very slick multi-platform implementation if you have to do
any work on Windows remotely.


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