Contributing fixes to documentation

Omair Majid omajid at
Thu Nov 5 21:05:34 UTC 2015


I occasionally run into bug reports for OpenJDK where someone spots an
error in the man pages. And I can't fix them and contribute the fix

If this was an error in the source code, I would create patch and post
it for review and push it to OpenJDK. And maybe do a backport. But since
the error is in the man pages - which I have been told are generated - I
can't do much about the fix. And I see a few bug reports similar to this
every year (such as [1] and [2]). All I have been able to do is file
bugs and let someone else put in the work to fix the issue.

Is there any chance that contributors can directly fix the various forms
of documentation included in OpenJDK?

I spoke to Mark Reinhold about this once and he suggested that it might
be possible to include the master sources into OpenJDK and generate the
various types of documentation (including man pages and html pages from
that). Is that something that could be implemented? I am willing to help
with that.



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