Mailing list for Group/Project Leads and suggestion to put group/project pages under source control

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Tue Sep 1 09:06:15 UTC 2015

Hi all,

X-posting across from web-discuss as I think this list might have more
interested parties.


On 28 March 2015 at 15:57, Martijn Verburg <martijnverburg at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> We had a discussion recently in the Adoption Group around having its
>> members keeping project/group pages fresh and relevant. The first
>> experiment for this was Project Valhalla
>> <> (which was well received by
>> that project).
>> The discussion then moved onto:
>> 1.) How to offer this page overhaul service for all groups/projects
>> 2.) How to create a patch/review cycle for the pages
>> My proposal is:
>> 1.) Create a new mailing list that contains all group/project leads so
>> that there is a communication channel for offers like this to the entire
>> OpenJDK project.
>> On further thought, perhaps the discuss <discuss at>
>> mailing list is the right place? I'm not sure whether all project/group
>> leads are subscribed to this list. If it is the right place then l will
>> post the Adoption Group's offer there.
>> 2.) Have the OpenJDK project/group pages placed under mercurial source
>> control which will enable OpenJDK developers (Adoption Group volunteers
>> in particular) to submit patches to those pages in order to keep them
>> relevant and up to date.  This has the advantage of there being an
>> automatic review step before publishing.
>> Are either of those two suggestions sensible and/or doable?
>> Cheers,
>> Martijn

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