Tools for HotSpot source browsing

Doug Simon doug.simon at
Thu Feb 4 15:53:13 UTC 2016

Hi Roman,

On the Graal project, we use Eclipse with the CDT plugin to successfully browse most of HotSpot’s C++ sources. You could try copying the ‘hotspot’ directory from our repo[1] into your jdk8/hotspot directory and opening up the Eclipse project defined by these files. You won’t be able to compile in HotSpot and will need to disable all C++ code analysis (Preferences -> C/C++ -> Code Analysis) settings to avoid spurious error messages. After that, I find browsing the C++ HotSpot works well enough.



> On 04 Feb 2016, at 16:15, Roman Kovalenko <rmnkvlnk at> wrote:
> I am interesting in JDK8 HotSpot C++ sources, so as far as I understand
> this solution is not applicable for my case.
> BTW, I have tried ctags + vim recently and it provides decent navigation
> abilities, but it leaves many identifiers undefined (e.g. class PcDescCache
> VALUE_OBJ_CLASS_SPEC { ... }; is left undefind).
> -- 
> -rmnk-

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