Miro Wengner (Kopecky) introduction - ready to participate

Miroslav Kopecky G kopeckymiroslav at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 21:57:21 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone, 
  My name is Miro Wengner ( Kopecky Miroslav ). Maybe some of you already know me under my previous surename. 
I’ve been participating on Java Communities since 2002 when I’ve officially joined SUN Microsystem as the Software Engineer, before I’ve worked there as a student.
I’ve been very actively supporting JUGs and Java oriented conferences aside of my daily duties. Letter I’ve been also participating on 
Sun Campus Ambassador program and helping in creating proper demos and speaking at universities  in middle Europe or various conferences.
I’m also one of the core co-founder of world known conference GeeCON  located in Poland and GeeCON Czech. 
I’m also author of open-source Robo4j.io <http://robo4j.io/> framework. Robo4j.io <http://robo4j.io/> is written in Java 8. The framework allows synchronisation of asynchronous events which facilitates the development of 
more advanced IoT systems (robotics, AI, big-data etc.) 

Over years I’ve worked on different Senior positions, my current position is Senior Developer at Finance field. My responsibilities core mappers, 
API designs  and 3rd parties connectors. My main dev. language is Java, but I’ve no problem with any other language. 

My intent: 
I’d like to be involved in OpenJDK development. I can write tests, help with Java performance or etc. 
I’m very interested in Java performance related to the robotics, AI etc.

I’ve signed OCA and JCP Associate Membership 

Looking forward for your response.

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