Submitting a JEP

Daniel Trebbien dtrebbien at
Thu Oct 5 21:27:02 UTC 2017


I have an idea for enhancing the Java programming language ( ).  It is my
understanding that in order to change the Java programming language, a JSR
will need to be written, but that a good first step is to submit a JDK
Enhancement Proposal to gauge support for the idea.  I read JEP 1: JDK
Enhancement-Proposal & Roadmap Process ( )
and followed the instructions:  I wrote a draft JEP using the template ( ) and emailed my Markdown file to "jep dash
submit at openjdk dot java dot net", converted back to a valid email

That was five days ago and I have not received a response.  It could very
well be that people are busy.  I would like to confirm, though, that the
emailing procedure is still used now that JEPs are being migrated to the
JDK Bug System ( ).

Is "jep dash submit at openjdk dot java dot net" actively monitored?


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