Accelerating the JDK release cadence

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Thu Oct 19 20:56:49 UTC 2017

What are the constraints on doing so?

On 10/19/17, 1:42 PM, "Andrew Haley" <aph at> wrote:

    On 19/10/17 19:22, Hohensee, Paul wrote:
    > 1. How long will the CPU cycles be for both feature and LTS releases?
    > 2. Will Oracle push the source for all CPUs to OpenJDK upon release?
    > 3. Would the community (perhaps the Adoption project) be
    > able/allowed to produce additional ‘sanctioned’ CPUs via backports
    > from LTS and later feature release CPUs?
    IMO this is the wrong way of thinking about it.  We're creating the
    Vulnerability Group, which will be responsible for much of the work of
    creating the update.  We will be able to create updates for any
    release we want.  However, there's no way that we're going to be able
    to create and back-ports for very many minor releases.
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