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Andrew Dinn adinn at
Fri Oct 27 08:10:35 UTC 2017

Hi John,

Thanks for posting very honest and fair responses to Volker's questions.
On the surface it may look as if this is Oracle getting preferential
treatment but I fully accept your point that this is really just a
retro-active fix to ensure that work already done, **in different
circumstances and under different constraints than those which apply
now**, is neither dropped nor stashed away with the loss of any
opportunity for the community to profit from it.

On 27/10/17 00:23, John Rose wrote:
> Do you have an alternative suggestion for accelerating a fair
> and open examination of our sudden riches of GC technology?
> That's what I want; I have to think that's what everyone wants.

That's really the key question and clearly my answer is no. I'll also
note that creating ZGC as a project does not preclude OpenJDK members
making their own assessment of the merits of the project, deciding
whether they wish to donate their own effort to it, or taking part in
any eventual discussion of a proposal for inclusion into the mainline.

Volker does raise a legitimate concern regarding the cost of this
project to OpenJDK project members' time and focus. However, since it
appears that much time and investment has already been made (as I said
before, in different circumstances and under different constraints than
those which apply now) and since there is already a 'work in progress'
capable of being presented and reviewed I think the best way to resolve
questions regarding possible costs and benefits will be to create the
project, upload the source and let it progress or idle on its own merits
(as has happened with Oracle's ARM64 port vs the AArch64 port).

I'll post my vote accordingly.


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