CFV: New Project: ZGC

Roman Kennke roman at
Fri Oct 27 09:27:06 UTC 2017

>> development fairly.  The current vote is our move to get our
>> very promising code out as quickly as possible.  I hope that's
>> enough reason to overlook any perception of unfairness.
> Yes, I indeed think that this is extremely unfair! Especially with
> regards to RedHat who invested a great amount of time and resources
> into Shenandoah.

It feels a bit strange for me to be in a situation to quasi-defend 
Oracle's actions (and when I say Oracle, I mean its employees that are 
involved in OpenJDK)  ;-) But I disagree here. I do not feel like I've 
been treated unfair. Nobody owes anything to anybody else. Oracle 
decides to work the way they do, and it's their choice. I decide to work 
differently, and that's my choice. Proposing to open source ZGC now is a 
move in the right direction IMO.

Thanks, Roman

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