Are these patches were generated by human of by a tool?

Morales Rodrigo rodrigo.morales at
Mon Oct 30 22:29:42 UTC 2017

Dear Developers, we are performing an empirical study at Polytechnique 
Montreal on software anti-patterns and refactoring and we need your 
inputs .

We contact you because of your experience onJava developement.

The context consists of 20 refactoring patches proposed by developers 
and an automated software tool.

Your task (if you accept) consists on *identifying *if the refactoring 
patches were generated by adeveloperor by software tool, and tovotethem 
according to their quality.

Your participation will allow us to collect data to understand the 
perspective of developers about refactoring and to improve automated 

This survey isanonymousand the collected data will be keptconfidential

By answering this survey you could participate (optional) in a raffle 
for an*Amazon Card*with a value of*80 CAD*.

Thanks for your contribution !

Survey link:

Kind Regards,

Rodrigo Morales
Polytechnique Montreal

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