New project proposal: even faster JDK releases

Mario Torre neugens.limasoftware at
Sun Apr 1 12:04:51 UTC 2018

I hereby propose the creation of project Doomed, which aims to solve an
extremely important issue caused by the currently specified fast release
schedule, that of an equally fast adoption.

With project Doomed we aim at continuous release and deployment of the JDK,
thus removing the need to have any version number and increase the adoption
rate considerably[1] and better position the JDK in the fast pacing world
of cloud development.

In order to better help the new release cycle, which of course is not a
cycle but a continuous stream of random bits, we also propose the complete
abolition of testing and reviews, instead developers should just commit
whatever they feel like whenever they feel so, possibly on Friday night.

Support for random and unnecessary updates delivery will be added today in
the repositories with a simple GO application that will show an annoying
pop up on user desktop, or, in case of headless deployments, will both send
an email to the administrator (the user you generally contact when you have
a trouble with your Windows installation) or, if using Linux a web server
telling everyone of your users how to recompile the kernel yourself to keep
the JDK updated. OSX developers will not be warned because they use it
wrong anyway.

Being a GO application this will be fast and consume no resources at all,
so no users will ever complain, which would have happened if we used a
JavaFX application instead.

Please note, the goal of project Doomed is not to replace the Java
programming language with GO, since support for this proposal will come in
a separate email next year.

With continuous releases we hope that users will finally be happy and not
complain anymore that Java evolves too slowly while still using JDK 6 in
all their deployments, especially users that are part of the Java Champions
initiative, instead we are offering the state of the art and at the same
time guarantee that no application will ever run for more than a minute or
two, no matter what version of the JDK, the ultimate extreme compatibility

Votes are due today 1st of April, at 23:61, although a decision has already
been made so the votes don’t really matter.


[1] In fact, we may even drop the adoption rate completely, which is still
a way to solve the problem!

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