JNI crashes JVM (from C) -- openjdk 8

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Mon Apr 23 14:12:51 UTC 2018

Martijn Verburg schreef op 23-04-2018 12:35:

> Hi there,
> Welcome to OpenJDK!  The discuss list is more for discussion around 
> OpenJDK (the project and community).  I'd recommend joining 
> adoption-discuss for asking questions if you're new to OpenJDK.  
> Stackoverflow is also a popular resource for these sorts of questions.

Hi thanks, I solved my problem.

Call it lack of C++ expertise on my side.

(Couldn't understand why C++ was okay with env->method but C wanted 
(*env)->method, even though both were already pointers...).

I had made an error in the (void **)&env, which, due to the nature of 
the void cast, hadn't resulted in a compiler error so I thought I was 
good ;-).

Ah, the convoluted nature of trees! ;-).

Regards, and thanks.

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