Project proposal: RISC-V port

Thomas Wuerthinger thomas.wuerthinger at
Wed Feb 14 11:24:48 UTC 2018

We are working on a Graal configuration that can be competitive with C1 in terms of compilation times. Graal’s design is actually much closer to C1 than C2. Significant parts including backend and register allocation originate directly from a port of C1 sources from C++ to Java (e.g.,

- thomas

> On 9 Feb 2018, at 15:08, Andrew Dinn <adinn at> wrote:
> On 09/02/18 10:57, Edward Nevill wrote:
>> I agree with the overall approach you outline below. You will
>> probably end up doing C1 anyway. The s390 port tried to do it without
>> doing C1 and they ended up doing C1.
> I'd second that view. Also, C1 is more valuable than it appears e.g. it
> is still very valuable as a companion to Graal when the latter replaces
> C2 via JVMCI.

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