Lars Francke lars.francke at
Fri Nov 9 10:03:38 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

I just filed my OCA and Dalibor suggested that I introduce myself here so
I'll do just that.

I'm based in Hamburg, Germany and have spent almost all my professional
life self-employed[1] working in the "Big Data" (it's a terrible buzzword)
/ Hadoop field (I started ~2008). I'm a committer on Apache HBase, Hive and
ORC as well as an Apache Foundation member and a contributor to a bunch of
other tools (Knox, NiFi, Hadoop etc.).

As I'm helping clients mostly with troubleshooting and fire fighting I have
to dive into (Open)JDK implementation details every once in a while.
Unfortunately this is often Kerberos related.

Hence my first attempt at a contribution will be a simple additional log
message in the JDK that would have saved me an hour of searching around.
I've already asked for comments on security-dev.

OpenJDK as an ecosystem is pretty large so it'll take me a while to get
started. Please excuse any beginner mistakes I might make. On the other
hand I'm happy to help with any of the tools (list above) so just shoot me
an email if you've got a question.


[1] first alone and now with a colleague in our own small company <>

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