Introduction: Uwe Schindler

Uwe Schindler uschindler at
Fri Nov 9 19:07:11 UTC 2018

Hi everyone,

I just filed my OCA and Dalibor suggested that I introduce myself here so
I'll do just that. Thanks to Rory O'Donnell for inviting me to help in the
OpenJDK project as a contributor, mostly with testing, bug reporting, but for
sure also some patches. 

I'm based in Bremen, Germany. I'm a committer and member of the project
management committee of Apache Lucene and Solr, Apache POI; I manage the
Policeman ForbiddenAPIs Checker; I am also a contributor to Elasticsearch and
Apache TIKA.

Many of you may already know me from bug reports about issues in preview
builds of OpenJDK that caused issues with Hotspot in Apache Lucene
infrastructure (including Solr and Elasticsearch). I am one of the designers
of Lucene's randomized testing framework that made it possible to detect
those bugs. On my consulting company's servers the 24/7 testing of Apache
Lucene is running.

I work at two places: The University of Bremen, where I am maintaining the
PANGAEA Data Library [1]. I also have a company that provides consulting and
support for Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch [2]. I help users with
setting up the deployments, give them support when configuring their JVM and
allow them to manage huge indexes solely with mmapped directories.



Uwe Schindler
uschindler at 
ASF Member, Apache Lucene PMC / Committer
Bremen, Germany

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