Call For Vote: Project Tsan

Florian Weimer fweimer at
Wed Mar 13 15:53:08 UTC 2019

* Martin Buchholz:

> There may be a cultural expectations gap.
> Companies (like Google) might make the toolchain a part of their basic
> computing infrastructure; build everything from source, and use a tsan
> that comes with the one blessed toolchain used to build everything
> else.
> Linux distros (like Red Hat) probably also try to build most binaries
> with a preferred toolchain, but there is a much wider promise of ABI
> compatibility.  In particular, part of the value proposition of having
> a Linux distro is users not having to rebuild from source, and being
> able to combine binaries built by others, using different toolchains.

If OpenJDK starts to poke at libc internals, like the sanitizers do
today, OpenJDK will potentially need porting to each new libc version.

You will not be able to run older OpenJDK versions on newer libcs, as it
is possible today.

It will likely make it more complicated to build binaries which are
compatible with a wide range of systems.

This is what we see with the sanitizers in LLVM and GCC today.  If you
copy a variant of this code into OpenJDK, you will have the same


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