Resigning as Project Lead and phasing out Caciocavallo and this mailing list

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Wed May 8 16:06:04 UTC 2019

Il giorno mer 8 mag 2019 alle ore 17:22 Emilian Bold
<emilian.bold at> ha scritto:
> I knew that if I wait long enough on the mailing list it will pay off :-)
> I always thought that Caciocavallo will allow me to run desktop apps in the web browser some day... I wonder if we are getting close to that?

If somebody does the work, yes :)

> Are there any chances of something from Cacio being merged into JDK proper?

Up until 8, things where working fine, then we got to do other things,
I don't remember even when it was the last time I built this thing. I
think some care should be taken for the modules. I don't see Cacio
being merged in the JDK anytime since somebody needs to actively
maintain this code.

> Also, what is a maintainer supposed to do nowadays?

It should work on the project and make sure it evolves, something I've
not been very good at doing apparently ;) However the new maintainer
should have a verifiable history of contributions (either on Cacio or
at least OpenJDK).


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