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Hi Donald,

It's worth noting that we had to sign this OCA on behalf of Microsoft Corp. because the one from 2013 was signed by Microsoft Open Technologies Inc., a subsidiary that no longer exists [1]. Without the OCA on behalf of Microsoft Corp, the Java engineering team wouldn't be able to send contributions.

I've mentioned this to you before [2], but happy to discuss if you have further questions on this topic.

Thanks for welcoming us, we also look forward to be working with you.

[2] <>


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Welcome back!

For those who may not have followed history, Microsoft signed an OCA in
2013.  There were a lot of announcements and lots of press coverage
around it at the time, but not much materialized from it beyond the
marketing splash.

I think everyone is very happy to see Microsoft reaffirm interest in
OpenJDK by updating their contribution paperwork.  Very happy to see
MSFT people engage again, and looking forward to see what the results
may be!

  - Don

On 2019-10-30 5:45 p.m., Bruno Borges wrote:
> Subject: Microsoft’s Ready do Contribute to OpenJDK
> Hi OpenJDK Community,
> In the past week Microsoft formally signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement, in which Oracle Inc. promptly acknowledged and welcomed us to the project. On behalf of the Microsoft Java Engineering Team, I’d like to say that we are thrilled to officially join the OpenJDK project and be ready to work with you.
> As many of you may know, Microsoft and its subsidiaries are heavily dependent on Java in many aspects, and also offers Java runtimes in its Microsoft Azure cloud to its customers. Microsoft recognizes the immense value that Oracle’s successful and effective stewardship of the OpenJDK project has bought Java and the wider software ecosystem and we look forward to playing our part in contributing back!
> The team will initially be working on smaller bug fixes and backports so that we can learn how to be good citizens within OpenJDK. For example, we already understand that discussing changes first before posting patches is preferred and I'm sure there's more for us to learn as well.
> The Java engineering team led by Martijn Verburg [1] is already engaged with other Microsoft groups and its subsidiaries who are using Java, as well as its partners in the Java ecosystem such as Azul Systems, Oracle, Pivotal, Red Hat, Intel, SAP and others, and the overall team will be joining the many OpenJDK mailing lists to start conversations and participating.
> We look forward to participating in the future of Java.
> [1] martijn.verburg at<mailto:martijn.verburg at>
> Best regards
> Bruno Borges
> Product Management for Java,
> Microsoft Developer Division

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