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Il giorno mer 13 nov 2019 alle ore 12:42 Erik Helin
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> This does not paint the whole picture. You are probably thinking of the
> "Conversation" tab in a GitHub pull request which is meant for *general*
> discussion of the patch that is not attached to any particular change in
> the patch. GitHub's own help documentation [0] states that the
> "Conversation" tab is meant to be used for:
>      You can comment on a pull request's Conversation tab to leave
>      general comments, questions, or props.
> You are right that comments in the "Conversation" tab are linearized and
> does not support a "tree style" view of comments.
> The good news are that the _other_ form of comments available on a
> GitHub pull request, a so-called "review comment" or "file comment" [1],
> does support replies in the form of a tree. These comments are filed
> under the "Files changed" tab in a pull request.
> Personally I think of the comments in the "Conversation" tab as replies
> to the "00" email in a classic patch series email and the "review
> comments" in the "Files changed" tab as replies to the "0X" emails
> actually containing patches. Do you follow?

Hi Erik,

Your reply to me highlight the most important issue of all, we will
have to re-learn all the workflow, adjust to new tools (which are not
inherently integrated in Git but will have to be somehow configured
and used) and get used to GitHub before we can be good citizens again.


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