New candidate JEP: 369: Migrate to GitHub

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Thu Nov 14 14:55:13 UTC 2019

Il giorno gio 14 nov 2019 alle ore 15:42 Erik Helin
<erik.helin at> ha scritto:

> We have been transitioning a few OpenJDK projetcs to GitHub on a trial
> basis. To date these include:
> - Mobile
> - Loom
> - OpenJFX
> - JMC
> - Skara
> It has always been the intent to transition a few projects at a time and
> learn from their experiences _before_ the main JDK repository would be
> transitioned. Ideally the jdk/jdk repository would be the very last
> repository to transition.

Right, however none of those projects so far have real world, directly
comparable, experiences to share. JMC for one is still running on
mercurial and will only transition to GitHub for the 8.0 release
train, which isn't yet even open.

I think we really need to get back to this proposal in an year or two
when we understand more of the implications.


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