Re: New candidate JEP: 369: Migrate to GitHub – Eating your own dog food?

František Kučera franta-java at
Sat Nov 16 14:41:58 UTC 2019

Dne 13. 11. 19 v 15:15 Thomas Stüfe napsal(a):
> So, this is also an assumption - that the tool chain keeps working and that
> the effort spent maintaining it is less than the effort spent today on
> maintaining the old infrastructure (which to be fair is done by Oracle
> alone).

A classic quote: „There is nothing more expensive than something free“.
Why should we expect that anyone is willing to reduce Oracle's costs by
providing a service for free or cheaply? Of course, there are economies
of scale, but Oracle or OpenJDK itself are quite big and there are much
smaller teams or even individuals who run own source code repositories
on their own servers.

Another thing that is unclear to me: how is Oracle going to offer and
sell their cloud services like „Streamline Team Development and Software
(that include Version Management – Git repositories) to the customers,
while not providing the hosting service to their own projects like OpenJDK.

The centralization of more and more projects under a single
provider/corporation (GitHub) is IMHO not a good way to develop
software. Especially in the long term. And if we talk about comfort and
attractiveness for random contributors – what about open standards (e.g.
for single-sign-on)? Are not they a better way than centralizing
everything under a single provider/company?


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